Pilotage information for Swansea Marina.

In Swansea Bay tidal streams flow anti-clockwise for 9.5 hours (Swansea HW -3.5 to +6), with at times a race off Mumbles Hd. From HW -6 to -3 the stream reverses, setting North past Mumbles Hd towards Swansea.

Keep seaward of Mixon Shoal.  When North of SW Inner Green Grounds (SWIGG) SCM It buoy, Q (6) + LFI 15s keep to West of dredged channel and clear of commercial ships.  Yachts must motor in harbour and approach, maximum speed 4 knots.

Waypoint Position:
51° 36. 43N,
003° 55. 67W
(WGS 84 Datum)

Charts: AC 1161, 1165, 1179
Imray C59
Stanfords 14
OS 159
Explorer 164

Swansea Docks

All Marina users are reminded that we share the entrance to the river with the fairway for commercial shipping entering and leaving the port of Swansea.

It is very important that all boat owners obey the rules laid down by the authorities and give way to commercial shipping at all times.

Entering and Leaving the Port

All pleasure craft using the port must observe the rules governing the “Prevention of Collisions at Sea”, particularly when navigating within the dredged channel North of the SWIGG buoy (South West Inner Green Grounds) to the harbour entrance.

You are advised to approach the harbour entrance in the waters to the west of the dredged channel (where practicable).

Large vessels entering or leaving the harbour must be given a wide berth at all times.

All pleasure craft must be under power when in the vicinity of the harbour and should clear waters used by commercial shipping as soon as possible.

Port Regulations

To seaward, vessels approaching the harbour will see 9 signal lights displayed in 3 columns of 3 lights. The centre light of the westerly column controls pleasure craft.

When this light is red craft must not enter the river and should hold SW of the western breakwater.  If in doubt call Swansea Docks VHF Channel 14, or Tawe Lock Channel 18

When the entry lights of the Tawe lock come into view, vessels should make radio contact for locking instructions and information from the duty lockmaster on VHF Channel 18.  Call sign “Tawe Lock”.