Safety and Security

Please follow our advice below to help ensure the safety and security of all the Marina users.


Each bridgehead has a self locking gate, access is via a pontoon security fob.  Contact reception for these.  There is a refundable deposit of £5.00 per fob, please retain your receipt.  Please do not leave or prop the gates open; site security is in everyone’s interest.  A security officer patrols the marina at night and CCTV is in operation throughout the marina.

General Safety

Fire extinguishers are located at regular intervals in large red boxes on the pontoons, as well as life rings.  Please do not remove these items, they may be needed in an emergency.  Small children should wear life jackets at all times.  Public telephones are located near each bridgehead in Phase 1.

Speed Limits

There is a 4 knot speed limit in the Marina, impounded water and river.  The speed limit in the river is enforced by the docks board.  Please control your wash.

Pontoon Safety – Adverse Weather

The pontoons can become very slippery when they are wet or icy.  Grit bins are situated close to each bridgehead.  High winds can cause mobility problems and strong gusts can catch you off guard.  Customers are advised not to go out onto the pontoons in adverse weather conditions unless absolutely necessary.  Particular care should be taken when negotiating the bridgehead ramps and getting on or off boats.


The fire cabinets on the pontoons are checked once a week.  In case of a fire on board please follow these simple steps.

  1. Raise the alarm
  2. Contact the emergency services.  Telephone point – Marina Office, telephone Phase I or North side by bertholders’ gate
  3. Clear the area of people
  4. Only tackle the fire if it is safe to do so, with the extinguishers provided in the emergency cabinets
  5. Retreat to a safe distance upwind – DO NOT RUN!
  6. Do not obstruct bridge – emergency services will need clear access
  7. Follow instructions of marina staff
  8. Do not return to the vessel until the all clear has been given

Fire Action – Buildings, on hearing the alarm:

  1. Leave the building immediately
  2. If possible call the fire service
  3. Contact Marina Office

Fire Action – Pontoons, on discovering a fre:

  1. Make your way to a safe distance
  2. If possible call the fire service
  3. Contact the Marina Office.