Guidance For Visitors Arrival

When you arrive inside the pierheads at the river entrance (51,36’.43N  003,55.67W) call “Tawe lock” on VHF 18 and tell the lockmaster that you are a visitor looking for a lock in and a berth. The lockmaster should then ask for your overall length and draft, you should also give the lockmaster any other information e.g. you are a catamaran or are experiencing boat problems etc. The lockmaster will then advise you about the next locking time. You should monitor VHF 18 until you are through the Tawe lock.

You should be aware that commercial shipping uses the lower part of the river; leisure craft should give these vessels a wide berth. Commercial shipping has right of way at all times. More information about the commercial shipping in the river is available in our online handbook.   Your speed should be kept below 4 knots in the river and marina.

The best way to navigate the river is towards the starboard side as there is a dredged channel up to the ferry terminal, this is especially important towards low water. Tawe lock is situated on the portside of the river . If you are not familiar with the approach please ask the lockmaster for guidance. There are traffic lights either side of the lock entrance which will show you when to enter the lock.

When you exit Tawe lock you will see fishing boats on the port side, after these is the marina entrance. Switch to VHF80 and call “Swansea Marina” and again tell the lockmaster you are a visitor looking for a berth, we should be aware of your arrival.  Usually you will be advised to tie up on our outer fuel berth, this is situated portside just before the lock gates in the marina entrance. The marina reception is above the lock. Once tied up head to reception to receive your welcome pack and berthing instructions, any questions will be answered at reception.


We look forward to seeing you soon.