Lock Operation

Swansea Marina is accessed through the Marina Lock with access from the sea also through the Tawe Lock. Information on lock operating hours, access and procedures are available below.

Lock Operating Hours

Weekdays 0700-1900 GMT
Weekdays 0700-2200 BST
Sat/Sun 0700-2200 BST & GMT

Access to Tidal Locks

All access from the sea to the Marina is through the Tawe Barrage Lock during the published hours. During busy locking periods a queuing system will be in operation.

Vessels that do not make contact with the Lockmaster or disobey his/her instruction will not be given priority over other traffic. In the interest of every boat owner’s safety, it is of the utmost importance that the Lockmaster’s instructions are obeyed at all times.

Vessels leaving either lock must then transfer to the next lock’s VHF channel on approach and use the appropriate procedure above.

Lock Availability

Marina & Swingbridge – call sign: ‘Swansea Marina’ CH. 80

Tawe Barrage Lock – call sign: ‘Tawe Lock CH. 18

It is essential that all boat owners wishing to proceed through the locks or swingbridge operate a VHF radio.

Vessels must call ‘Swansea Marina’ on channel 80 before leaving their berth to request lock information and must remain listening on CH. 80 until passage through the bridge or lock is completed.

When you require use of the Tawe Barrage lock you must call ‘Tawe Lock’ to request information and remain listening on CH. 18 until the passage through the lock is completed. Do not proceed into the locks unless instruction has been given.

Important Notes – Lock Procedure

  • Normal procedure for locking out through the Tawe Barrage lock is for the lock to be taken down on the hour and return to the river on the half hour.
  • The first lock out of the day at the Tawe lock will be taken down at approximately 0710. The last Tawe lock in is half an hour before the close of business each day. Boat owners should be ready to leave their berth at approximately quarter to the hour to allow vessels sufficient time to enter the Tawe lock.
  • Any deviation from the above will be at the discretion of the duty Tawe Lockmaster who will pay due regard to the volume of traffic and any other prevailing conditions.
  • Any vessels not returning on the same day are required to inform the Lockmaster and Coastguard. Two holding buoys are situated downstream from the lock and may be used outside of locking hours. Great care is necessary at low water spring tides as there is a danger of drying out.