A daily forecast is published and displayed at each lock at 0800 Hrs. A weather fax is also available at the office. further weather information is also available from Swansea Coastguard or the Met Offices Marinecall Forecasts.

Swansea Coastguard

HM Coastguard broadcasts Maritime safety information three hourly.  Announced on VHF CH 16, at the following times: 0150, 0450, 0750, 1050, 1350, 1650, 1950, 2250.

Telephone: (01792) 366534

Marine Forecasts

Marine weather forecasts are available from a number of providers.

Met Office –

Weather2 –

Windfinder –


Marina Call Sign – “Swansea Marina” VHF CH 80

Barrage Call Sign – “Tawe Lock” VHF CH 18